Using state of the art physics to explore the properties of water

Welcome to the Water Research Lab

Although it is molecularly simple, water has 12 known ice phases on top of the liquid and vapour phases we encounter in everyday life. Moreover, mixtures of such water phases are known to occur, yielding a very rich and complex physico-chemistry.

The complexity of water fuels much research in this highly active field. Current investigations suggest there may be a great deal yet to discover about its properties. Water continues to surprise us. The more we explore its characteristics, the more properties we discover.

The Water Research Lab aims to investigate the full potential of water using a multidisciplinary approach involving theoretical physics, mathematical modelling and experimental exploration.

“Confirming the presence of multiple phases of water co-existing at room temperature could lead to a completely novel understanding of solution chemistry and hence biochemistry potentially leading to new therapeutic and diagnostic techniques.”

A Tournier PhD